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Appetizer spread of beef & sundried tomato, and stuffed tomatoes
Steamed asparagus with roasted red pepper and goat cheese
Beef and sundried tomato rolls, and stuffed tomatoes
Breakfast pastries of muffins and scones
A Hawaian-themed brunch
Caribbean-style dinner buffet
Assorted tropical fruit juices, and fresh fruit skewers
Sliced fruit platter with carved fruit centerpiece
Cheese, cracker, and crudites display
Cheese, cracker, and crudites display for a Christmas party
Assorted cheese platter
Cheese and cracker display
Crudites with a holiday theme
Assorted cheese dip platter
Crostini with three tapenades
A cupcake tree as part of a sweets table for a wedding
Assorted dessert items as part of a wedding sweets table
A dessert spread with strawberries on a cloud, bananas brulee, and white & dark chocolate bread pudding
A non-tradition wedding cake tree
Dessert spread for a soccer-themed dinner
Dessert sushi (childhood lunchbox favories disguised as sushi)
Fruit tree fondue with chocolate fountain
A BBQ party buffet spread
Roasted peppers with wasabi
Carved vegetable parrot
Carved fruit swan
Smoked salmon, and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
Shattered chocolate cake - two layer chocolate cake, broken apart and displayed with formed chocolate shards
Shrimp cocktail
Shrimp and pear satay, served with peanut-lime sauce
White chocolate wedding cake
Table set for service
Buffet table set for a wine-tasting party
Buffet table for wine-tasting party
Chocolate roulade cake formed as a yule log, served with decorated Christmas cookies
Chef Jeff